EbizFrame – (Partner ERP)

Ebizframe ERP (Partner) is a progressive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that empowers enterprises to effortlessly integrate disparate teams, functions, processes and systems. The ERP platform features built-in CRM and SCM capabilities that enable it to offer sharp insights into operations and helps attain total control over them across the value chain through just a single application. Empowered by a single suite of tolls comprising workflow management and portal, and a set of ready functional modules, Ebizframe Enterprise addresses the needs and challenges of a wide range of industries.

Key Feature


State-of-the-art tools for financial planning, enterprise asset management, cash management, and cash flow analysis help enhance financial data accuracy and strengthen organizational budgeting and forecasting resources.


Integrated automation tools for complete production requirements that help streamline intensive processes – right from sales forecasting to production planning.


Enabling a bird’s eye view of the entire business, Ebizframe Enterprise enables real time access to customer, product, and performance information, and supports multi-channel and multi-departmental sales processes.


Flawless management of all retail functions is enabled by a state-of-the-art touch screen interface along with efficient electronic systems for bar coding, point-of-sale management, multi-pricing levels etc.

Supply chain Management

Integrated procurement and management tools and an advanced payment tracking system help speed up the Order-to-Cash cycle time saving precious time and giving the companies absolute control over the entire SCM process.

Auto dealership management

A comprehensive set of tools and modules for total operational control over auto dealership and workshop activities.

Human Resources and Payroll

An integrated interface for all HR functions; including attendance, payroll processing, leave tracking, and recruitment facilitates smooth operations and effective personnel management.


Ebizframe Enterprise offers advanced monitoring and analytical tools that enable tracking of and control over the entire project – right from inquiry to completion

Key Business Benefits

  •  Seamless integration with single-application access to all business processes
  • Enterprise-class scalability
  • Adaptability with simple feature and function customization in order to cope with rapidly changing business scenarios
  •  User-friendly interface that makes implementation easy and enables smooth data integration, and detailed documentation
  •  Increased profitability with greater supply chain flexibility and quicker response time to new geographies and opportunities
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  •  Collaborative tools that ensure increased customer loyalty
  •  Cutting-edge analytical and reporting tools that enable better, sharper decision-making