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Ebizframe is a suite of business software product Ethat help enterprises by enabling them to plan, control and optimize business operations with a low cost of ownership. This complete and integrated solution provides the core financials needed to manage routine accounting processes that performs as the foundation to other extended business management functions. With this robust system, you can efficiently manage and automate your business operations including payables, budgeting, accounts receivables/ reporting, cash/bank management, payroll, marketing, real estate, fixed assets, sales and purchase, order and inventory, human resources management and post-sales, warehouse management. UAB – INC ERP is fully customizable to cater to all major industries and business environments that are small, medium, or large in size.

Over the years we have made a multitude of customer driven improvements to our software and recently launched the next version of our ERP solution – UAB – INC 10. Developed from ground up with leading edge technologies, UAB – INC offers major enhancements which includes flexible product customization, modularity, data security, performance, modern user interface and multiple access options.



  • Powerful customization
  • Elegant and modern user interface
  • Multi company
  • Multi language/locale support
  • Tamper proof security
  • User defined views
  • Transaction authorization
  • Document and report print designer
  • Multi dimension
  • Easily import and export data
  • Report customization
  • Highly scalable
  • Powerful executive dashboard
  • Seamless migrations
  • Customizable document designer
  • Superior support
  • User defined shortcuts
  • Company reporting

With the Ebiz Financial Accounting application, organizations will be able to acquire vision into all their financial processes including budgeting, final reports, accounts payables/receivables and fixed assets

Inventory management in UAB – INC is designed to provide accurate info. on all aspects of inventory to manage and control in the most cost-effective manner possible. UAB -INC Inventory keeps a total control onflow of your inventory items from the stores.

Production Management in UAB – INC provides planning, control and execution of all aspects of a production environment. Production departments can determine exactly what they need to produce, what quantity has to be produced and how much raw materials need to be purchased for a successful completion of a sales order.

The most important asset in any organization is its staff and effectively managing the human resources will have a positive impact on a company’s financial results. To ease the pressures of human resource management there is need to have a powerful tool for performing the tasks of recruitment, compensation, training, leave, loan and attending to employee issues

UAB – INC’s Fixed Assets Module allows organizations to track the acquisition, depreciation and retirement or disposition of fixed assets in accordance with the law and sound accounting principles. It ensures businesses to be successful by effectively and efficiently manage the lifecycle of their assets which results in cost reduction and redirection of resources to other core competencies.

ur CRM has been designed to primarily cater to. small & medium sized businesses. Each business is unique in its processes and the way it operates. Keeping this in view, Our CRM can be a tool that organizes sales force and process management for a varied number of different organization structures. It helps businesses gain insight into the behavior of their customers.

The Retail Management/Point of Sale module brings a new level of automation to the retail sales process. It acts as a counter sales system and is dependent on the receivables module to function and can also interact with the inventory management and CRM modules to give businesses the power they need to operate more efficiently.

Property Management module streamlines real estate investment management operations, analytics, and financial reporting. Organizations can automate financial and general ledger consolidations through complex ownership structures, and track and manage capital allocations at every level.

UAB BI is incorporating industry expertise, organizing information in business terms, and making that information instantly available. Our BI application gathers the information that’s Most relevant to user’s responsibilities and puts it at fingertips so that user can make rapid decisions and meet his KPI effectively and efficiently.

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